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EUROMECH Fluid Mechanics Prize and Fellows 2014

The EUROMECH Fluid Mechanics Prize and Fellows 2014 are awarded to:

Fluid Mechanics Prize

Prof. Andrea Prosperetti (Johns Hopkins University, USA and Twente University, NL)

«In recognition of his profound, seminal contributions to fluid dynamics and acoustics in general and to bubble dynamics and rain noise in particular, including the development of novel numerical techniques, and for his world leadership in these fields and his brilliance in their applications to engineering».

Fluid Mechanics Fellows

Prof. Eberhard Bodenschatz (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany)
«In recognition of his seminal, innovative contributions to experimental turbulence research, especially to Lagrangian aspects and turbulence-particle interactions, and for establishing and leading a strong European turbulence community».
Prof. Javier Jiménez (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)
«In recognition of his pioneering direct numerical simulations of fundamental and applied fluid flows and his significant contribution to understanding the turbulent near-wall cycle and how turbulence is sustained, creating new and profound physical insight».
Prof. Jens Eggers (University of Bristol, UK)
«In recognition of his profound and insightful contributions to the mathematical and physical description of singularities that govern many key features arising in many contemporary problems of fluid mechanics and in capillary flows in particular, and for his widely recognized leadership in this field».

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EUROMECH sponsored events

  • EUROMECH Specialized Workshop “Similarity, Symmetry and Group Theoretical Methods in Mechanics”, June 2013, Varna, Bulgaria

    Contact: Prof. Jean-François Ganghoffer

    The aim of this Workshop is to bring together researchers who apply similarity and symmetry analysis to engineering problems in both solid and fluid mechanics, researchers who are developing significant extensions of these methods so that they can be applied more widely, and numerical analysts who develop and use such methods in numerical schemes.

  • 7th European Postgraduate Fluid Dynamics Conference

    15-17 July 2014, Ilmenau, Germany. Contact: Robert Kaiser

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